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Bag Buddies



BAG BUDDIES does for fish bags what START RIGHT does for aquariums-plus a whole lot more! Just like Jungle's START RIGHT Aquarium Water Conditioner, BAG BUDDIES protects your customers' fish for the trip home by...

Plus BAG BUDDIES does even more by...

As a retailer, BAG BUDDIES provides you with the convenient use of controlled dose tablets, eliminating the guesswork of measuring and the use of messy squirt-type products. You'll help your customers' fish arrive home safely, in top quality condition and better overall health-and that means repeat business and increased profits for you!

Can Be Used with Freshwater or Saltwater Fish

Treats 400 gallons of fish bag water.

Qty Available: 1

400 tabs. $6.29

Shipping: $3.36

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