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Tank Buddies Fungus Clear


Tank Buddies fast dissolving, premeasured tablets make caring for your aquarium faster, easier and more convenient than other brands of tablets and capsules. Simply drop the Tank Buddies tablet into your aquarium water-the fizzing action assures you the ingredients are working immediately!

Fungus Clear treats a variety of fungus and bacteria-related conditions on tropical fish and goldfish including:


White or gray cottony growth or patches on any part of fish.

Tail, Fin Or Mouth Rot

Flesh eaten away around mouth, tail or fin. Possible redness at base of area


Open red sores.

Eye Cloud

White hazy film on eyes.

Pop Eye

enlarged eyes

Swim Bladder Disease

Fish swims on side or upside down.

Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Red streaks on fins or body with no sign of skin damage.

Clamped Fins

Fins held close to body, especially in livebearing fish.


Fish bloated with scales standing out resembling a pine cone.

Treats 80 gallons.

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8 tabs. $2.54

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