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    Small animals should be fed and watered daily. Feeding requirements vary depending on the species of small animal. Each species should be given there own food mix specially manufactured for that animal and never substituted with another animals food like a Guinea Pig should never be given Rabbit food because Rabbit food lacks the extra Vitamin C that Guinea Pigs need causing them to develop Scurvy. Mice and Rats given Hamster food can develop skin problems because Hamster food contains too much seeds for there diet.


Fruits & Vegetables

   Fruits and vegetables are great extras to add in your small animals diet that your small animal will love. Before feeding to your pet be sure to rinse the fruits and vegetables to wash off any impurities like chemicals or insecticides.



   Treats are a great way for you to interact and bond with your small animal. Be careful on the amount of treats you feed your pet, a good rule  of thumb is only feed 10%-20% treats of there total diet.


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